Small Landlords Can Screen Tenants, Too!

  Because you have only one duplex rental house and live in one of many units you’ve some independence under federal fair housing laws not loved by many landlords. Nonetheless, you can find really stringent rules regarding the exemption. By way of example, you cannot discriminate in advertising the vacancy – i.e., you can’t include […]

Making the Right Decisions As a Landlord

Several landlords throw the dice when it comes to filling their vacancies. They rent it for the first-person who comes to the stand with all the safety deposit, accumulate a number of document rental applications, and submit an offer. Legally assessment tenants entails confirming previous landlords, requesting a legitmate rental request, a credit report, and […]

Should You Rent to Own?

Lease options can help you find a good buyer for your home. It is an option by which you can buy or sell home, even without a need of mortgage. Most of the people find property dealing tough because of mortgage, loans and various other hassles that are involved in it. This sometimes prevents the interested buyers […]

Selling Real Estate Online for Better Success

There is a smarter way of selling real estate properties in the market today. Online selling of your property can produce profitable results and it allows you to find more prospect buyers with a better targeted advertising scheme. If you want to cut down the cost from commissioning real estate agents to sell your home, […]

The Prospect of Selling Your House Without An Agent

Selling your house is a major decision that you can make. Homeowners often find themselves facing the challenge of having to sell their homes by themselves without asking for a professional help from real estate agents. If you are wondering whether you can possibly become successful in selling your house by yourself, the answer is […]

The Landlord Top 10:

Owning real estate is a time tested way to grow your personal wealth and if you are able to hold onto your properties long term, is a fantastic way to invest your money. But being a landlord can be intimidating and is not without it’s headaches. As a real estate agent and investor I have […]

The Renter of the Internet Age

There are sites all over the internet that provide advice, strategy, and even free legal information for landlords and property managers.  The same degree of information, however, is severely lacking for renters.  That’s where The Knowledgeable Renter comes into play.  This site was developed after years of personal frustration created by careless and inexperienced landlords […]